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Metallized Polyester Film Capacitor (Radial x2)
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(MPX Series)
MPX Capacitors are constructed with metallized polypropylene film dielectric, copper-ply lead, encapsulated in plastic case with epoxy resin sealed. They provide interference Suppression with safety approvals of EN132400, IEC384-14-14-Ⅱ, (UL, CSA=250AC) file NO.E120045 and VDE0565-1 class X2(275VAC) file NO.40008520.



» Non-induction construction.
» Self-healing property.
» Flame-retardant plastic case and epoxy resin. 
  (compliance with UL94V-0)
» High moisture-resistance.
» Good solderability.



THE TYPE-MPX CAPACITORS ARE IDEAL FOR USING Line-By-Pass, Antenna coupling, Across-The-Line and Spark killer circuits and available for EMI filter and switching power supply application, such as: Type-writers, adding machines, computer displays, monitors, mixers,fans, audio, TV circuits, coffee grinders, blower and sanders.